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Experience in Education, since 1989.


The Diploma / Advanced Diploma level having 10 / 14 packets of assignments are sent to you by whatsapp. You have to get the printout of the pages specified. It is like college is now at your home.

Drawing assignments are 22 inches into 14 inches in size. You follow the instructions & draw the same.

Theory assignment are to be answered referring to the internet. Questions are given. In some topics only a brief explanation is given.

Do all the assignment in the set and send all together for correction. It is speed posted back to you, soon.

On enrolling only the 1st set of assignments is whatsapp to you. We must get your assignment within 45 days of we posting it to you. If not got within 90 days you are dismissed from the course. We do not remind you to study. Fees is not refunded under any circumstances.

You do the assignment and speed post to us. similarly all the packets of assignment are to be done by you. Refer to the heading "COURSES" You can complete the course as fast as you want. Ms. Manaswini completed advance diploma in just 75 days please read here E-mail course opinion letter. When your course is completed or when given duration is over, Enrollment, Mark sheet & course certificates are made based on the average of all your assignments submitted. Grading & Mark sheet 'D' : 0 to 39.99% - POOR, 'C' : 40% to 49.99% - FAIR, 'B' : 50% TO 69.99% - GOOD, 'A' : 70% TO 79.99% - VERY GOOD, 'O' : 80% to 100% - OUTSTANDING.

Refer to the stationery to be bought by you to do this course. Jurisdiction is only at the Chennai - India court and only for the fees paid. Enroll aiming to study and not to find fault as students have since 1989 & please read course opinion letters from ALL OVER THE WORLD, since 1989. Teaching is by Mr. Mathew Jacob Chakramakal - founder. If indisposed / demise education stops. So complete the course quickly. Call anytime, anyday

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Founder & Teacher

Mathew Jacob Chakramakal

Founder & Teacher, Auxilium School of Interior Design Estd: 1989.

Auxilium School Of Interior Design - Founder

Experience of Working & Teaching, since 1989.

Students course opinions, since 1989.

Mr. Mathew Jacob Chakramakal, founder & teacher, has dedicated his life for the education and upliftement of everybody by offering the interior Design and Decor Professional Education at a very low cost. You can read 100's of thank you Course option letters since 1989 from all over the world in the main website. Please enter your Name, Email, Phone number to read the letters. You can study 100% free. T&C apply

Interior Designing Course Fees

YOU CAN STUDY EVEN 100% FREE Please call for details.

You can easily qualify to be one among the world's best Interior designers in just 2 to 3 months. Ms. Manaswini did it in just 75 days. Please read her e-mail thank you letter.

  • I.Rs. 9,500 / USD. 370
  • 2 Admissions given
  • Instalment option
  • Refer to "COURSES"
  • Study free
  • Call for details
  • I.Rs. 12,000 / USD. 475
  • 2 Admissions given
  • Instalment option
  • Refer to "COURSES"
  • Study free
  • Call for details

+91 9962998698 The above number is the Registred number for payment to Auxilium school of interior design Via: Google pay and Paytm


FEES PAYMENT FROM OUTSIDE INDIA. By whatsapp will be sent to you, the account numbers of our bank Account at (1) Standard Chartered Bank (2) ICICI Bank (3) Indian Overseas Bank (4) Canara Bank (5) State Bank Of India. You can go to any one of the bank in your city and meet the Manager of the bank and SAFELY PAY THE FEES to the manager to remit to Auxilium school of interior design account. DIPLOMA - 370 U.S.Dollars equivalent. ADVANCED DIPLOMA - 475 U.S.Dollars equivalent inthe currency of you country. PLEASE SHOW THIS CONTENTS IN OUR WEBSITE TO THE BANK MANAGER. Thankyou so much. Mathew Jacob Chakramakal. Founder & Teacher. ANY DOUBTS PLEASE CALL (24/7) +91 9962998698, +91 9884998698, +91 9840098698. Thankyou once again. Good day.

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Students Testimonials

Below are few lines from few letters since 1989. The complete letters can be read in another website. All letters are in original handwriting.