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Diploma in Professional Interior Design
COVER STORY ( Contd. )

profesionalism and the look of the office matters much today. Same is the case in Hotels. The surroundings should create the informal atmosphere and once again it is in the hands of our creative professional ' Interior Designer '. A hospital, especially the super speciality hospital, metes out the best treatment for its patients and thus a patient will demand an atmosphere which makes one feel at home.

The " Interior Design " has shown unprecedented growth. The work of this professional is not restricted to just residential places. It has expanded to other areas also like the commercial complexes, schools and theatres, artistes stages, etc.

Aesthetic designing in and around old buildings is also on demand. This has to reconcile with the historical background of the existing built concrete environment. People appreciate good architecture and interior and for this the key ingredient is aesthetics. Though people demand comfort in tiny spaces they also want it to be aesthetically satisfying. And this can be engineered by an Interior Designer.

An Interior Designer is the brain behind making tiny rooms spacious, using right blends of colours, spaces, light, air and greenery are fashioned to enhance the decor of the rooms or halls. An interior decorator has first to conceptualize and this is real hard work and only one with a creative sense of art and imaginative mind can do.

An Interior Designer does not just make use of space but masters space management. No one just wants concrete structures that do not project grace and comfort but what one wants is elegance. There is a heightened awareness of the importance of a well executed interior. For a house which is a one time life investment, one needs the touch of a professional. The availability of different products makes the job of choosing the right style and right graphic for the owner a difficult one. But a good professional designer can make wonders. The designer will organise one's requirements in such a manner that one will be able to make a choice easily.

The designer works with a concept and then improving upon it, uses various aspects like beauty, convenience and comfort. The Interiors are extensions of the total architecture and the end result reflects this totality added with professionalism entering every aspect of marketing. Interior Designing has become a part of everyday life from a common man to the elite.


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