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Money is not a matter of hesitation for one who demands the professional touch. There is a demand for ergonomically designed and aesthetically crafted office systems. Perfection is the in-thing. Impact of space, light and air is a part of modern day designing. Only a professional with sound knowledge of Interior Designing can give this look.

Presently there is an increasing demand also for refinement and down to earth practicality in decoration. Efficiency and elegance is a part of every atmosphere be it an office, resident, commercial complex, showroom, hospital, etc.


Space saving is a must. Ideas and creations to save space but to still have a special look is what everyone wants. Cupboards are made multifunctional. The plethora of building materials and the abundance of time and space saving gadgets and items within the reach of the middle class make the possible and endless. One also has to bear in mind the crucial factor of flexibility within the tiny habitation and the east in assembling and dismantling of various components. Newspapers are full of advertisements for small spaces which can be connected to anything by an enterprising and imaginative mind. For one, with such a mind-constraints, it could provide food for taught and provide opportunity to innovate. The minimalist decor, the inthing for the 'throwaway' society who prefers to go through life with little baggage.

The new generation aspires to own a one-room tenement which has all the comforts. Building more and more such small apartments with every comfort, with freedom and space, one yearns for. How do you think this can be done by the brains called 'in- terior designers'. There is a clever use of corners which accommodate a foldable bed or a cupboard. A roll-on partition takes care of overnight guests. Every need is incorporated by the Designer. Ingenious storage ideas makes good use of nooks and corners. The decor creates new environment. This is all a part , of living and a must for everyone who wants to relax after a busy day.

The write up about Auxilium School of interior design is in Scholar World - February 1995.

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